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The Swen Guru Manual - Introduction
What is a FOLLOWER?
Swen explain how to become a Follower and how it works!
What is SWEN?
Swen explain how to become a Swen Guru and how it works!
The Swen Guru Manual
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The Swen

You have knowledge and skills that you are willing to share.

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Swen would love to see you share:

Do you produce music, paintings, art or anything else you would like to share to the public? Don´t be shy – just do it at Swen.Guru

Go Guru

If you know how to do a thing or two – please go ahead and create a course on the subject! It can be anything.

Go Guru

Do you know something that you want to share? Perfect this is the place for it. Become the NewsGuru at Swen.Guru.

Go Guru

Here is some ideas and examples:

  • Music
  • Movies
  • Art
  • Paintings
  • Quotes
  • Lyrics
  • How toes
  • Excel
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Building a homepage
  • Creating a sun deck
  • Working with mould
  • Tell the world your story
  • Explain what a virus is
  • Share your opinion
  • How to become rich
  • How to get friends
  • Tell your truth about something
  • Create your news channel
  • Become a reporter
  • Create daily challenges
  • Have yoga classes
  • Have dance classe
  • Just make an online course
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