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About Course

If you ever wonder what and where some people find their believes and information. This is the place to find this out. This is the free version. - If you want to support the time I spend - pleases choose the Support Version.


You never stood in that mans shoes
or saw things through his eyes,
or stood and watched with helpless hands
while the heart inside you dies.
So help your brother along the way
no matter where he starts.
For the same God that made you made him too.
These men with broken hearts.

Du har aldrig stått i denna mans skor
eller sett saker genom hans ögon,
eller stått och tittat med hjälplösa händer
medan hjärtat inuti dig dör.
Så hjälp din bror på vägen
oavsett var han börjar.
För samma Gud som skapade dig skapade honom också.
Dessa män med brustna hjärtan.

What Will I Learn?

  • You will be taken on a tour
  • You will follow the breadcrumbs
  • You will get an understanding
  • You will see new angles of life

Topics for this course

45 Lessons10m


There is a big diversity on our society. Unvax against Vax. Vaxpass against Not. Trust agains Unstrust. How can we understand each other? Walk a mile in my shoes. This is the place where I put my breadcrumbs that create the person I am and what I believe in and trust. Follow and judge. Or just follow.
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Common info / Allmän info


Here SWEDISH posts will be added.


Samlad information från experter som inte är betalda av staten eller läkemedelsindustrin.


Jag skriver till en del personer när det är dags. Läs dom.


Major important news that effects me.


Here ENGLIISH posts will be added.


We gotta have some fun as well. Ibland måste man skratta åt eländet.

Quotes, Memes, etc?

Some nice pics with good text.

Censorship – Censur?

Some things that are not allowed - Saker som cencureras.


Artist that is awake

Power Speeches?

Very good speeches

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Material Includes

  • All the good stuff I find on my path.
  • I leave all hours of lost time searching for real information out.
  • This is your shortcut.


  • Be open minded.

Target Audience

  • Everyone